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Radio Prabbeli

Someone’s listening in on us at our own house? Yes, they are: Radio Prabbeli is COOPERATIONS’ very own radio programme (that’s probably only possible if you are a socio-cultural centre).

Director Mona Dienhart and presenters Fiona Nanquette and Natacha Bertemes report on current news at and about COOPERATIONS: Who will be the top acts at this year’s Festival de Wiltz? What will be the duties of the new member of the Eis Kichen team? And what’s in store for the kids in this year’s Kannersummer programme? The three charming ladies serve the news with plenty of music, including teasers to whet the listeners’ appetite for the next shows at the Brandbau. Radio Prabbeli is broadcast via the radio station of Lycée du Nord Wiltz (Radio LNW):

  • last Friday of every month, 9:00 hrs
  • last Saturday of every month, 10:00 hrs
  • second Wednesday of every month, 12:30 hrs

After the broadcast the shows are available as podcasts here.

Sendung Mai 2019 - Expos von COOPERATIONS ART (Interview: Philippe Schockweiler)
Sendung Juni 2019 - Programm Kannersummer 2019 (Interview: Anne-Marie Krettels)
Sendung Sep 2019 - Prabbeli Kulturprogramm Herbst/Winter (Interview: Elvira Mittheis)
Sendung Okt 2019 - Vorschau auf ChiCo Children's Conference (Interview: Naomi Eiro)
Sendung Nov 2019 - Rückblick auf 30 Jahre Pionierarbeit (Interview: Herbert Maly)
Sendung Dez 2019 - Rückblick auf ChiCo Children's Conference (Interview: Nadine Lepage & Naomi Eiro)

Mona Dienhart

Centre loisirs, atelier créatif et service d’information, de consultation et de rencontre pour personnes en situation de handicap
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