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Rent A Lampion!


The workshop "Atelier des Lampions" of COOPERATIONS is the unique power and know-how behind Nuit des Lampion and many other events in the Greater Region. The lanterns made by the staff of COOPERATIONS on the Hedeknippchen have also become living decorations and guarantee a magical atmosphere for cultural events and happenings in Luxembourg. This development took several years and is a success story not only for COOPERATIONS but also for the cultural scene and inclusion in Luxembourg.

Contact for commercial offers and quotes : Tel. +352 95 92 05-70 

From the "Nuit des Lampions" to a workshop in a class of its own

After the first editions of the "Night of the Lanterns" COOPERATIONS S.Coop. and the cultural service of COOPERATIONS asbl developed a common strategy to export the magical atmosphere and the breathtaking lights of the "Night of the Lanterns". After many requests and with an offer for this demand, COOPERATIONS created a commercial offer of lantern rentals to bring the magic of the lights to an even bigger audience. From the collaboration of the two main activities of COOPERATIONS a concept of lantern rental and a new activity of the workshop for professional integration of COOPERATIONS was born.

The service of the lantern workshop

Certainly, the term "lantern rental" cannot convey the magic, the sustainability, the know-how, and the resilience of our disabled employees, the dreams, and the constant innovation that are transported in this project. The workshop, through the system of customized rentals or "made to measure solutions", offers a wide range of products that invite to dream, not only for the customers but later also for the general public of the different events.

Das Team des Atelier des Lampions bei der Arbeit
Das Team des Atelier des Lampions bei der Arbeit

The team of the Studio of the Lantern at work

The "Atelier des Lampions" offers in cooperation with these partners:

¬ The creation of a magical and extraordinary atmosphere;

¬ New and spectacular scenography;

¬ An event design based on a cooperative, integrative and sustainable approach. 

Clients and partners

The success of the "Night of the Lanterns" has significantly contributed to the visibility of the lantern workshop, which looks at, manufactures and operates the lanterns. However, the interest of cultural events and institutions as well as private customers in renting lanterns has become enormous. By using its networks and contacts, COOPERATIONS has succeeded in securing the loyalty of several first-class events or cultural institutions such as MUDAM, the Nuit des Merveilles in Bettembourg, the Siren's Call festival or the Leo Lights Village as part of the ING Marathon.


The lanterns are manufactured in Wiltz in the COOPERATIONS "Halle Hedeknippchen". This location is not only a place of production, but also a place of excellence, research and development, planning, storage and repair. Production, repair and assembly preparation play an important role in the work processes of the workshop, always incorporating the principles of recycling management. The employees are trained by our technical staff and external artists. The production facility is also a laboratory for researching new lantern models, innovative installations or new technologies (LEDs, drones, sustainable materials...) This integrative venue focuses on the exchange of skills, training and permanent and mutual exchange with event experts. 

This exchange has a major impact on the work of our staff and their daily lives. 

An ambitious step towards inclusion; which would not be possible without the performance, experience, know-how and skills of our workshop staff. To put it more clearly, there would be no "Nuit des Lampion" without our inclusive workshop.